Greyhounds: your fastest friend!

It occurred to me today (thanks to an old buddy Dave Thompson) that I hadn't done anything new here for a long time. Three consecutive surgeries (major) had dulled my never-brilliant intellect. So today I'm adding a page dedicated to our two beautiful hounds, Solo and Krissy. It's also dedicated to all hounds around the world, and their safety and successful adoptions; and to all those caring human beings who, with their own gifts of time and love, seek love and well-being for all hounds and galgos...

Here's Solo... we adopted him through NZ's premier greyhound adoption agency, GAP, 18 months ago. He's in formal attire because it was his 3rd birthday. For someone like me, who'd sworn never to be owned by another dog after my 13 year companion was killed in 1997, being adopted by a hound was an illuminating experience.. so much so that only two weeks ago we adopted a second hound whose name is Krissy. 


Krissy is an ex-racer, unlike Solo, and has never lived indoors before let alone had to deal with stairs. Two weeks on and she's a gem, with only one minor misdemeanour to her name. She's so gentle and quiet and follows Solo's lead... mostly! Here's Krissy 9 days in:


OK, firstly, and most imortantly, here are some links to places from which you can adopt a greyhound. Most agencies offer hounds which have been checked over by a vet, registered, inocculated, micro-chipped and so on. Some agencies also require a home inspection to ensure that your property is secure and safe for a hound. 


International (choose your country of interest):
Adopt a greyhound

New Zealand:
GAP (Greyhounds as Pets)
Greyhound Protection League of NZ